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With the exception of 4 years from 1728 1732 when Peter II moved the capital back to Moscow until Empress Anna moved it back again: It was to remain the capital of the Russian Empire and the seat of the Romanov Dynasty and Imperial Court until the communist revolution of 1917.

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Dominicans believe in courtesy, hospitality, and kindness to strangers.

The more you travel into the countryside, the more evidence of this you’ll see. I was once desperate for a bathroom while driving in the hills of Constanza and stopped at a Dominican home to ask if I could use their toilet and their answer was, of course!

You’ll always hear music playing and people laughing or joking around.

And if you think Parisians have perfected the art of sidewalk people watching, then you need to come to the Dominican Republic.

When you step into a bus, or shared cab with a general greeting like Buenos das, you will notice that everyone will greet you back.

Dominicans welcome each other and say goodbye by touching cheeks while making a kissing sound.

You can purchase just a single address or send Flowers or other Gifts like Jewelry, Wine or Food Baskets.

The Dominican Republic population is a diverse mix of various ethnicities: Taíno, African, and European.

This melting pot of cultures and backgrounds makes for a fascinating destination with various influences showing up in cuisine to music, dance, and religious ceremonies.

The majority of the population is considered or a mix of African and Spanish, but there are also many Dominican Haitians, as well as those of a more Spanish descent (usually in the upper echelons economically).

Perhaps it’s this multi-continental blend that makes Dominicans such a warm, hospitable people with a zest for life I haven’t seen anywhere else.